Career decision is one of the most significant challenges for the medical students and young faculty candidates. With increasing competition for residency in medical specialties or PhD positions, it’s critical that the medical students and young faculty candidates make their decisions in alignment with their desires, interests, values, skills, qualifications, personalities, and life-styles. CGFA was established in June 2019.

Mission: To support the academic development of the faculty members and future candidates who will realize and maintain KUSOM vision, to provide an environment suitable for this development, and to support them to acquire the necessary competencies and reach the leadership level in their fields.

The target group of the committee consists of two main groups:

  1. Persons who may have academic interests but have not yet completed their orientation
    • Medical specialty students,
    • Specialist physicians (instructors) in the academic staff,
    • Junior faculty members (assist. Prof.),
    • Specialist physicians who are not in the academic staff,
    • Doctoral students enrolled in SBE and whose advisor is a full-time faculty member at KUSOM,
    • Post-doc students enrolled in KUTTAM and whose advisor is a full-time faculty member at KUSOM;
  2. Senior academic faculty members who wishes to mentor.

CGFA assists the young academician candidates of the specified target group to perform their “next steps” in planning their academic careers by establishing a “personal support mechanism” in the planning of their academic careers, monitors their career development and reach their goals. provides the necessary support for. A mentee can match multiple mentors located in the mentor pool and working in different Departments. The committee operates on demand, and represents the first institutional unit to apply. The Committee does not contradict or exceed the Department practices during all of its activities, but plays a complementary role. Heads of Departments can request opinions from the committee if they deem necessary. The Committee operates independently from the Appointment and Promotion Committee. The committee’s personal and prospective academic career support for young academician candidates does not mean that candidates who receive support will be appointed or promoted in the KUSOM and / or KUH, the committee does not undertake, guarantee, influence or influence this. No contribution. Academic appointment and promotion in KUSOM and KUH is a separate and independent process that proceeds with YÖK, KU and KUSOM rules and criteria.

Committee Members

Prof.Dr. Sacit Karamürsel
Prof.Dr. Evren Şentürk
Prof.Dr. Savaş Yaylı
Prof.Dr. Yüksel Peker
Prof.Dr. Yakup Kordan
Prof.Dr. Tuğba Bağcı Önder
Prof.Dr. Cansın Saçkesen